Healing Rate

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Healing Rate

Post by Leech » Thu May 04, 2017 3:48 pm

The current rate of healing for horrifying wounds severely punishes casual players. I log less than ten hours a week MUDding: I want to spend most of those hours searching for stories that I can make with other players, not sitting in the hospital wing idling. And what's more, I've had to find time in an otherwise busy schedule where I can leave my phone app on and idle, just in hopes that I'll knock some time off my character's recovery and can get back to roleplaying quicker.

I have a great love for hospital roleplay, but it's limited by the amount of people who will come roleplay with you (few if any) and your ability to make scenes out of very, very little. It gets a little dry after a while.

Please, either;

1) Reduce the time it takes for horrifying wounds to heal. (If it's a problem for me, at super con, I can't imagine how others are dealing.)


2) Allow characters to heal over time when not logged in.

I am mostly concerned about horrifying wounds (specifically crushes). The others, so far, seem to have decently balanced recoveries.

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