Gimme Yer Descriptions!

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Gimme Yer Descriptions!

Post by Krelm » Tue May 09, 2017 10:59 pm

We have TOO MANY MATCHING KEYWORDS, so let's all add more keywords to make less matching keywords. As a note: do not add tattoos. That said, here's a list of everything we have so far:

The first is what shows in chargen, the second is what shows in the sdesc, the third is what shows in the full desc.

Person descriptors:

Code: Select all

$person    	$personbasic	$personfancy
man	                man	
woman	        woman	
lad	                boy	
boy	                boy	
youth	        boy	
young man	man	
gaffer	        old man	
lass           	girl	
girl           	girl	
young woman	girl	
maiden     	woman	
crone        	old woman	
old woman	old woman	
harridan    	old woman	
old man    	old man	
geezer      	old man	
spinster     	old woman	
brute        	man	
guy          	man	
fellow       	man	
adolescent	young man

Distinctive Features:

Code: Select all

$distinctivefeature	$distinctivefeaturebasic	$distinctivefeaturefancy
facial scars	        facial-scarred	                many jagged, pale scars marring &his cheeks, forehead, jawline, and even crossing &his nose
no ears	                earless	                        no ears at all, only stumps
no lips	                lipless	                        no lips at all, only scar tissue and melted skin where lips should be
facial burns	        burn-faced	                discoloured burns covering the entirety of &his face
facial mutilations	facially-mutilated	        horrible gashes, scars and burns mutilating &his face
chest scars	        scarred	                        a series of scars slicing across &his chest in pale, jagged lines
belly scars	                scarred	                        a series of scars slicing across &his lower abdomen in pale, jagged lines
chest burns	        burned	                        spotted, discoloured burns spreading across &his chest
belly burns	        burned	                        spotted, discoloured burns spreading across &his belly
arm burns	        burned	                        spotted, discoloured burns scarring &his forearms and upper-arms
hunchback	        hunchbacked	                a hump between &his shoulders hinting at a misshapen spine
clubfoot	                clubfooted	                a deformed foot that appears to have been rotated at the ankle
shattered teeth	        shatter-toothed	        a mouth full of broken, chipped and shattered teeth
unblemished complexion	  unblemished	        a body that is seemingly free from blemish or scars
smooth skin	        smooth-skinned	        extraordinarily smooth, wrinkle free skin
perfect teeth	        perfect-toothed	        perfect, straight white teeth
harelip	                harelipped	                a cleft lip and palate, leaving a gap at the top of the mouth
unremarkable	        unremarkable	                a distinctly unremarkable appearance, in a way that would be hard to describe and hard to remember
bland	                bland	                        a distinctly bland appearance, in a way that would be hard to describe and hard to remember
cockeyed	                cockeyed	                        a cockeyed gaze, with one of the two eyes never quite focusing in the same direction as the other
crossed eyes	        cross-eyed	                a gaze that generally causes the eyes to cross over one another
no teeth	                toothless	                        no teeth at all, just gums
rotten teeth	        rotten-toothed	                horrid-looking rotten black teeth
chiseled jaw	        chisel-jawed	                a strong jaw, as if chiseled out of a block of granite
sultry eyes	        sultry-eyed	                an innately suggestive, sultry look in &his eyes
smoldering eyes	smoldering-eyed	        eyes that smolder with an inner fire and intensity
intense gaze	        intense	                        a raw intensity that radiates from &his gaze
handsome	        handsome	                an innate attractiveness - all &his features just seem to mesh in such a way as to be ridiculously good-looking
attractive	                attractive	                        an overall, undeniable attractiveness to their appearance; an indefinable something
pouty lips	                pouty-lipped	                full, lusciously plump lips shaped like a heart
rosy cheeks	        rosy-cheeked	                small, cherubic cheeks with a noticeable rosy glow

Skin tones:

Code: Select all

$skintone	        $skintonebasic	  $skintonefancy
white	        caucasian	          of light, caucasian tone
milky white       caucasian	          of milky, pale white tone
pale white      	caucasian	          of pale white tone
pasty white	caucasian	          of a pasty, pale white tone
tanned	        caucasian	          tanned a healthy brown colour
olive	                mediterranian	  of an olive complexion
oriental	        oriental	          of an oriental complexion
bronzed	        caucasian	          of a deep, bronze tone
dark olive 	mediterranian	  of a dark olive complexion
light brown	brown	          of a light brown complexion
brown	        brown	          of a brown complexion
dark brown	brown	          of a dark brown complexion
ebony	        black	          of a deep, ebony complexion
black	        black	          of a deep, black complexion
pale olive	        oriental	          of a pale olive complexion
ruddy	        caucasian	          of generally white complexion with areas of a ruddy red
golden	        oriental	          of a golden complexion
sallow	        caucasian	          of an unhealthy pale yellowed complexion
copper	        amerindian	  of a coppery brown complexion
caramel	        brown	          of a rich, caramel brown complexion
light copper	amerindian	  of a light, coppery brown complexion
dark copper	amerindian	  of a dark, coppery brown complexion
light golden	oriental	          of a light golden complexion
russet	        amerindian	  of a red-tinged brown complexion
pale	                caucasian   	  that is as pale as milk

Code: Select all

$facialhairstyle	       $facialhairstylebasic	     $facialhairstylefancy
clean shave	       clean-shaven	             a clean chin with no hair at all
handlebar moustache	handlebar-moustached	a moustache with lengthy and upwardly curved extremities
moustache	       moustached	             a naturally-styled moustache
goatee	               goateed	                     a naturally-styled moustache and adjoining chin beard
beard	               bearded	                     a full face beard
muttonchops	       muttonchopped	     sideburns extending well onto the jawline
sideburns	               sideburned	             twin patches of natural hair from the scalp to below the ear, with a clean chin
curly sideburns	       curly-sideburned	     twin patches of mid-length curly hair, from the scalp to below the ear, with a clean chin
full beard	               full-bearded	             a full, thick beard displaying unmodified growth on the face, neck, chin, cheeks and sideburns.
chin curtain	       curtain-bearded	             a short beard running along the jaw line, visibly hanging below the jaw as a curtain hangs from a rod
chinstrap	               chinstrapped	             a pair of sideburns, connected by a short, narrow beard along the bottom of the jaw
friendly muttonchops	muttonchopped    a pair of naturally styled muttonchops, connected by a moustache but with a clean chin
fu manchu	       fu-manchued	             a thin, very narrow moustache that grows downward in two very long tendrils from the upper lip.
goat patch	       goat-patched	             a narrow strip of hair growing only on the chin, resembling the beard of a goat
german goatee	       goateed	                     a neatly trimmed goatee which wraps around the mouth, but whose moustache flares outward past the connecting chin lines
horseshoe moustache	horseshoe-moustached	a full moustache with ends that extend down in parallel straight lines, with a clean shaven chin
sidewhiskers	        sidewhiskered	             a pair of muttonchops and connecting moustache, where the portions connecting the sideburns and moustache hang several inches below the chin
neckbeard	        neckbearded	             a beard that grows only on the neck and under the jaw
pencil moustache	pencil-moustached	     a very thin, very short moustache sitting just above the lip
shenandoah	        shenandoahed	             a combination of a chin curtain and neckbeard, with full, unmodified growth on the neck, lower jawline, sideburns, but a notably hair free lip
soul patch	        soul-patched	             a small, single patch of hair just below the lip
stubble	                stubbly	                     a short growth of stubble all over &his jaw
coarse stubble	        coarse-stubbled	     a coarse, prickly growth of stubble all over &his jaw
toothbrush moustache	toothbrush-moustached	a narrow but tall moustache that does not extend beyond the side of the nose
french beard	        french-bearded	             a long, pointy goatee where the chin beard and moustache do not touch
walrus moustache	walrus-moustached	     a thick, bushy growth of whiskers on the lip like the moustache of a walrus
beard	                barbate	                     a thick and full beard
long beard	        long-bearded	             a very long, very thick full face beard
patchy beard	        patchy-bearded	     a thin, patchy beard
ducktail beard	        ducktail-bearded	     a full-faced beard and moustache, with a mid-length portion hanging below the chin and tapering to a point
french fork	        french-forked	             a full-faced beard and moustache, with a mid-length portion hanging down over the chin and styled into two distinct forks
chevron moustache	chevron-moustached     a neatly trimmed moustache extending little beyond the edges of the nose and cleanly tapered into thick points
lampshade moustache	lampshade-moustached	a short, trimmed moustache extending only to the edges of the nose and forming a trapezoidal shape, like the profile view of a lampshade
petite handlebar	petite-handlebared	      a short, sharp moustache which curves up at the edges, just past the edge of the nostrils
short beard	        short-bearded	              a short full-face beard, in a transitional period between stubble and a real beard

Code: Select all

$hairstyle	          $hairstylebasic	$hairstylefancy
afro           	  afro-haired	        a frizzy halo of hair
beehive	          beehive-haired	a conical pile of hair in the shape of a beehive
bob cut	          bob-cut	                bangs and an even bob cut
bouffant	          bouffant-styled	a puffed out, raised section of hair atop the head which hangs down on the sides
bowl cut	          bowl-cut	                an all-around even haircut
braid	          braided	                hair woven into a tight braid
bun	                  bun-haired	        hair tied up into a bun atop the head
buzz cut	          buzz-cut	                closely cropped hair
chignon	          chignon-haired	hair tied into a chingon bun
chonmage	  chonmage-haired	a shaved pate, with longer back and sides
combover	          comb-overed	        thin hair combed over a bald spot
cornrows	          corn-rowed	        hair tied into thin, parallel rows of braids
crew cut	          crew-cut	                hair closely cropped but tapering longest to shortest from front to back
cropped cut	  crop-haired	        an all-around even haircut
curtain cut	  curtain-haired	        hair parted neatly in the center
dreadlocks	  dreadlocked	        combed into locked dreads
liberty spikes	  liberty-spiked	        clean, distinct spikes of hair
bald	                  bald	                no hair at all
emo cut	          emo-fringed	        medium-length, straight hair combed over one eye
fauxhawk   	  fauxhawked	        short hair styled toward a center spike
feathered hair	 feathery-haired	long, unlayered hair with a center part, brushed back at the sides
fishtail hair	 fishtail-haired	        long hair braided into the shape of a fish's tail
flattop	         crewcut	                a short, level-topped crewcut
layered hair	layered-haired	        long hair cut unevenly to form layers
long hair	        long-haired	        hair that is cut long and flows freely
mop top	        mop-topped	        a mid-length haircut extending to the collar with fringe bangs that brush the forehead
mullet	        mulleted	                hair that is short at the front, but long at the back
double buns	double-bunned	        a pair of buns that jut up like ox-tails from the top of the head
sidelocks	        sidelocked	        twin locks of curly hair that hang from both sides of the face
pigtails	        pigtailed	                hair that parts down the middle and is tied into two pony tails on either side
pixie cut	        pixie-haired	        a short wispy hairstyle with a shaggy fringe
pompadour	pompadoured	        hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, upswept at the back and sides
ponytail	        ponytailed	        medium-length hair pulled back behind the head and tied in place
long ponytail	long-ponytailed	long hair pulled back behind the head and tied in place
rattail	        rattailed	                hair that has been shaved short except for a long braid at the back of the neck
ringlets	        ringletted	                hair worn in tight curls
shag hair	        shag-haired	        a choppy, layered hairstyle with fullness at the crown and fringes around the edges
short hair	        short-haired	        hair that is cut short
spiky hair	        spike-haired	        hair that sticks up in spikes on top of the head
tonsure	        tonsured	                a narrow ring of short hair surrounding a bald dome
shoulder-length hair	shoulder-length-haired	medium-length hair that falls to the shoulders
undercut	        undercut-styled	hair that is longer directly on top of the head, but shorter everywhere else
weaves	        weave-styled	        artificial hair extensions woven into the natural hair to lengthen it
taper cut hair	taper-cut-styled	hair of a combable length on the top, a side part, and semi-short back and sides
frizzy hair	        frizzy-haired	        medium-length, unmanageable hair with a tendency to frizz
wavy hair	        wavy-haired	        thick hair with a natural wave to it
thin hair	        thin-haired	        naturally straight, thin hair
thick hair	        thick-haired	        naturally full-bodied, thick hair
curly hair	        curly-haired	        hair with natural curls
norman cut	norman-cut	        hair that has been shaved at the back of the head and the neck, but allowed to grow on the top front of the head
mop hair	        mop-haired	        a mid-length haircut extending to the collar with fringe bangs that brush the forehead
stubble hair	stubble-haired	        a thin, even covering of stubble and regrowth atop &his head
short ponytail	short-ponytailed	short hair pulled back behind the head into a small ponytail, with barely enough hair to make it work
balding	        balding	                a short shaved hair style with a bald dome, evidently suffering from pattern baldness
balding crop	balding crop-haired	a mid-length cropped hairstyle with a bald dome, evidently suffering from pattern baldness
short afro	        short-afroed	        a short, frizzy halo of hair
huge afro	        huge-afroed	        an enormous, frizzy halo of hair, very impractical looking
fade cut	        fade-haired	        a short, neatly maintained hairstyle where the hair goes from a combed style on top to a short shave on the back and sides with a seamless transition
mid fade cut	mid-fade-haired	a mid-length hairstyle with a wavy combed style on top to a short shaved back and sides in a seamless transition
skin fade	        skin-fade-haired	a short, neatly maintained hairstyle where the hair goes from a combed style on top to a bare back and sides by way of a seamless transition through a shaved style
short curls	short-curly-haired	short hair with natural curls
quiff	                quiff-haired	        hair swept forwards from the face, similar to a pompodour but jutting forward from the head

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Re: Gimme Yer Descriptions!

Post by acceleration » Wed May 10, 2017 10:12 pm

Person descriptors:
* male/female
* lady/gentleman
* matron (patron? idk)

Distinctive features:

* lazy eyed
* resting bitch face
* uncanny valley (not sure how to describe this: basically what happens when you get too much plastic surgery and end up looking fake)
* perpetual squint (like from nearsightedness)
* high/low cheekbones
* broken nose, hawkish nose
* thin lips, full lips
* skinny, gaunt, well-fed, rotund
* dense eyelashes
* dark circles under their eyes, puffy eyes
* pearlescent/opalescent/limpid eyes
* symmetrical features
* adolescent (teenagers)
* young adult (20-25)
* in his/her prime (25-35)
* in his/her middle age (35-50)
* showing some signs of age (50-60)
* elderly (60+?)

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Re: Gimme Yer Descriptions!

Post by starsignal » Thu May 11, 2017 11:32 am

albino? (maybe costs RPP to keep it rare? could unlock additional options for eye color)


birth mark
dark circles under eyes
bags under eyes
heterochromia (each eye a different color. should probably also cost RPP to keep from being overused)
(not sure if any of these are repeats, I don't think the full list is in OP)

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