Merit/flaw suggetions

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Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by SomeKnob » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:06 am

Not sure how feasible things like this are to code, but thought it might be cool to have a thread to brainstorm possible options:


Bilingual - Starts with another language and has an easier time picking up others.

Animal empathy - Won't be aggroed by certain animals that would otherwise attack on sight.

Survival skills - Food and water provides more nourishment and you go longer before getting hungry or thirsty, can endure higher and lower temperatures before starting to suffer. Takes less movement points to forage.

Street smarts - NPC thugs in the slums know and respect you and won't attack you unless provoked and will try to aid you against someone without this perk.

Teacher's pet - Maybe you're a noble, maybe you've got a parent of influence within the local police force, whatever the reason, most guards seem to turn a blind eye to all but the most atrocious and obvious of your crimes.

Iron liver - Resistance to poisons and drunkenness.

Intimidating - Can attempt to force another character to flee. Checks vs willpower.

Disguiser - By expertly and permanently altering your appearance, you can force people to forget what they'd dubbed you.

Limbs require more damage than usual to stop being functional.

Escape artist: Can escape bindings, though the process can take hours to days depending on what the bindings are.

Fast worker: Gets more 'hours' to do things while offline.

Crazy attractive: You're beautiful beyond belief. Now your description is too.


Berserker - Your character has a serious anger problem. Gains significant buffs while in combat, but is unable to flee or stop attacking.

Memorize: Can codedly memorize a spot and then get directions to return to those locations.

Loudmouth: Shouts can be heard from considerably further away but the character has a high chance for a whisper to be a say.


Bad reputation - NPC merchants will try to overcharge you, guards will overreact to crimes, etc

Infamous outlaw - Same as above, but taken to the extreme. With your face exposed, NPC merchants will refuse to deal with you. Guards will attempt to arrest or murder you on sight.

Squeamish - Gets debuffs around injured people and corpses. Unwilling to eat 'icky' foods.

Overconfident - Unable to attempt to flee while in good health.

Cowardly - Will always start trying to flee after taking a certain amount of damage.

Muttering - Will sometimes unwittingly mutter thoughts.

Weak immune system - Diseases will last longer and have stronger effects.

Narcoleptic - Has a small chance of randomly falling asleep and suffers occasional movement point hits.

Lisp: Gets a rather unfortunate lisp when speaking.

Weird accent: People that aren't bilingual will have a hard time understanding you.

Zealous bigot:Same as bad reputation, but only to clans and nations you are not associated with.

Afraid of the dark: Being in the dark will cause significant debuffs and cause the character to be able to take any action in combat but flee.

Foreign: Does not start with the 'common' language most PCs have.

Ugly You are ugly. Your description should reflect this.

Lazy: Less hours to do things while offline.

Supernatural shit that may or may not have a place in labmud:

Spirit bond: You become so attached to a person (of your choosing) that you can hear their thoughts and feel what they're feeling from half a world away. Gains buffs while defending that person. Gains small amounts of damage when their bondee is hurt.

God eyes: Can see in the dark, what's in a closed backpack, what someone's wearing undress their trench coat, ecy

Empath: Can read the thoughts and feelings of other people, however, you gain small amounts of damage from being in a room with other people who are hurt. Humans and some other intelligent creatures dying will give damage and shock on a roll, with the difficulty going up based on how close you are to the dying creature.

You stop aging and can only be killed by having your head mutilated.

Glutton: Can eat anything for nourishment with no penalties.

Super regeneration: Physical injuries will recover at an alarmingly fast rate, limbs will eventually regrow lizard style, and you will revive a few hours after having died if no one destroys your corpse.

Super immune: The reaction time of your immune system has increased tenfold, destroying viruses and bacteria before they have the chance to act out their intended purpose. However, any invader (helpful or harmful) is targeted, greatly reducing the effectiveness of healing/medicine and makes it almost useless.

Body swap: Can transport your consciousness into a corpse's. Leaves behind your corpse.

Breather: Does not need oxygen to survive, so you won't drown underwater.

Enigma: People cannot dub you and will have a hard time determining how you look.

Abomination: People in the same room as other you will get diseases and rarely small ticks of damage. Must be taken with infamous outlaw, unless you're in a society that tolerates one person killing everyone else by existing.

Things like this I think would be cool.
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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by Japheth » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:01 am

I must admit, all of these suggestions are getting me really inspired. It actually would be pretty trivial to add in a merit/flaw system with the proviso that it would have to expand over time.

For example, what I can see being able to be accomplished even this week would be merits and flaws that give you bonuses/penalties to various checks (probably 50% of your examples fall into that category), being considered in NPC AI (easily done) and a few other things that integrate with various specific systems (some of which already exist, others that don't).

Overall a basic implementation of this system should be able to be achieved from my end by the end of the week. It'll likely be the simpler options first though, but it's better than nothing.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by Zerero » Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:09 pm

Going to throw in one of the merits that I liked a lot from SomeKnob:

Patriot - Gets raised willpower while in proximity of clan members.

Not into all the supernatural stuff, but obviously they'd work in some kind of fantasy mud (ie. I know FutureMUD isn't only made for Labmud) But I like the merits/flaws that are actually reflected by personalities/people in real life. Patriots, cowards, beserker (little gamey but you get the idea), etc.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by Wolfsong » Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:41 am

Natural Born Leader - At chargen, taking this perk, an appropriate stat (charisma, social, whatever you want to call it) is raised. Additionally, when leading a group (of over x PCs/NPCs?), the willpower (resolve, etc.) of the members of your group is slightly boosted.

Glory Hound - At chargen, taking this perk, your willpower is boosted. However, when leading a group (of over x PCs/NPCs?), the willpower (resolve, etc.) of the members of your group (excluding yourself) is lowered.

Berserker [my conceptual version of how it could work] - Under certain conditions in battle, you receive considerable (massive?) buffs to your raw offensive ability (or equivalent) and modest debuffs to your raw defensive ability (or equivalent.) [Alternatively: you can ignore the majority of your Pain threshold, and do not suffer significant penalties when your Stamina is low, while receiving more modest buffs to offensive ability and debuffs to defensive ability.] This state might be triggered by several factors, and would not occur without a trigger:
  • You have received over a certain threshold of damage without receiving a significant wound.
  • Someone in your group dies.
  • You are attacked by more than 3 individuals simultaneously.
  • Idea: if you have the Berserker trait and survive a near critical/possibly fatal wound, have the chance of being stuck permanently in the berserking state.
Lactose Intolerant - You cannot eat, or drink, certain food items with a particular component attached to them - in this case, dairy - without becoming violently ill.

Traumatic Flashbacks: TerrainType - Configurable to several different terrain types, and pending admin approval, your character suffers traumatic flashbacks on particular terrain types - resulting in stun damage and penalties to stats or skills. Possibly may include automated echoes to the PC, privately.

Noise Anxiety - When you are in a room with a noise level over a certain threshold, you begin to suffer penalties to stats and skills, and possibly take stun damage. This accumulates the longer you stay in the room, and only stops and begins to reverse upon leaving that room for a room with a noise level that is acceptable.

Godtouched/Experiment Gone Awry - Randomizes a flaw/perk based on a separate list, rolling randomly on the table each (RL? IC?) day.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by SomeKnob » Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:42 am

Love those suggestions. Though I'd personally rather:

*Berserker doesn't have any major affects on pain threshold or stamina while willpower remains a coded stat. Which I assume primarily deals with this sort of thing and shouldn't risk having a talent make it redundant, imo, though a buff to willpower ontop of offen/defen adjustments could be a work around.

When I first suggested this I was thinking of mul rage. In the sense it makes your character dangerous, but too much so for most people to want to willingly be around or work with. Having the risk of being permanently stuck in this state after a critical (or even flipping your shit and accidentally team killing when this triggers in a group fight) would make it feel like this and should deter most people from taking it, knowing you may be boxed into an isolated or short lived role.

*Eventually, score shows why you're receiving certain stat adjustments and from who. To discourage people from taking glory hound for the coded bonus and then not roleplaying their character as a cocksure gratification seeking dickhead.

Not sure how the interface would look, but ideally if my suggestion became a thing, something like:

minus willpower for gloryhound: That asshole <character name> is making me wonder why I even got out of bed.
plus willpower for natural leader: I feel like I can really trust <character name> to do the right thing.
minus willpower for terrain: I hate it here. I want to go home.
minus stuff for noise anxiety: It's too loud in here. I want to go somewhere quieter.

I've got so much love for Godtouched/Experiment Gone Awry. Yes please.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by Wolfsong » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:30 am

For something like Mul Rage, I'd probably have a merit/flaw separate from berserking - call it Rage, or even Mul Rage, or Combat Madness or something similar. I was using the definition of the berserking state as it shows up in a book called "Achilles in Vietnam" - including common triggers.

I wouldn't mind a blurb in score that summarizes what each flaw/trait does, with allusions to what stats or skills it bumps or nerfs, but I'm not sold on discussing exact numerical effects.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by Japheth » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:53 am

Most likely I would make the builder specify the text for each merit and flaw, so they could describe it however they wanted depending on the MUD.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by incognito » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:48 pm

Easily winded - A penalty to stamina, but not to constitution. Imagine someone able to take a lot of damage, but hard pressed to run anywhere.

Near-sighted - Penalties to vision related calculations, though not to perception directly if that also includes hearing checks. Potentially mitigated or cancelled by a worn pair of "prescription glasses"

Social Anxiety - similar to the "noise anxiety" proposed, but based on room population

Separation Anxiety - like Social Anxiety, but prompted by being alone. (Should take vnpc population into account to control for pc availability)

Liquid Courage - Bonus to Will when drunk

Mechanically Inept - Penalties to mechanically related skills, chance to break mechanical objects when interacting with them

Butterfingers - Chance to drop or break held items

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by SomeKnob » Sat May 02, 2015 1:32 pm


Sexist: Debuffs while your group is being lead by a member of the opposite sex.

Prude: Debuffs around near-naked people

Nightmare fetishist: Opposite of squeamish - 'excited' and buffed when covered in blood or in pain.

Sick fuck: Same as above, but rather than gaining buffs for being covered in blood, you feel uncomfortable get debuffs for NOT being in pain or covered in blood.

Too cool for weapons: Significantly more powerful fists - though is unable/willing to equip weapons.

Zealous vegetarian: Debuffs for eating meat.

Houdini: Bonus to fleeing.

Animals hate him: Animal NPCS will make that extra effort to murder you (additional aggro range)

Explorer: Can quit anywhere. (If this isn't already a feature)

Narcissist: Debuffs to willpower if goes to long without a change of clothes and/or hairstyle.

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by incognito » Sat May 09, 2015 3:31 pm

Somnambulist: Chance to get up and walk around (or try to) when sleeping

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by AisforAmity » Sat May 09, 2015 5:54 pm

Some general ideas for merits and flaws. I can't currently access chargen, so some of these may already exist or be very similar to current merits and flaws.


Nightowl - you're most comfortable under the veil of darkness. Bonus to many checks in dark rooms (or at night?)

Sunflower - you are energized by the warmth of natural sunlight. Bonuses to many checks while outside during the day.

Flipper - you're a natural in the water, able to hold your breath longer and swim faster/easier than your peers.

Primal Agent - You embody the spirit of the natural world. Bonus to most checks in uncivilized areas, penalties in city sectors. (Like Child of Glass and Iron, but not)

Uncanny Sight - you can see further and more clearly than the average human. (Extra range on scan by 1 room? Better range with weapons with exponential penalty to accuracy?)

Industrious - you're able to make do with less. Many crafts will be possible with slightly less material. (Obviously won't work on more scarce resources, and can't drop the item requirement down to 0)

Natural Born Leader - Edit: idea already posted above. Woops.

Ambitious - When you set out to do something, you'll get it done. (The specified character GOALS are more generously favored during plots?)


Polydipsia - you can never get enough water, and are plagued by eternal thirst.

Two left feet - in addition to being a horrible dancer, you are less balanced in a fight and take a slight penalty to sneak and climb checks.

Pyromaniac - those who play with fire eventually get burned.

Ennui - the Lab has taken its toll on your spirit. You struggle to muster the will to survive, and are easily crushed by relatively small obstacles (or hammers)

Silver Spoon Syndrom - you feel distinctly out of place among the common rabble. Penalties while wearing low-quality apparel or armor.

Daydreamer - your head is in the clouds at inopportune times. You'll miss an occasional line of dialogue while envisioning something else.

Addiction - you feel an uncontrollable urge to use some sort of substance or engage in some sort of act, and you're not quite sure why (Either from their life before, or as a result of experimentation)

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Re: Merit/flaw suggetions

Post by SomeKnob » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:59 pm

White knight fuccboi edition


Peaceful - Unable to initiate combat, only able to assist someone already fighting, or defend themselves if attacked.

Guilt - Witnessing causing the death of a sentient, intelligent person/creature causes significant and long lasting debuffs.


Defender - Bonuses if coming to the aide of someone that was attacked.

Stalwart - Witnessing a member of the group get seriously injured guarantees an automatic, successful rescue.

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