Myopia Mechanics Suggestion

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Myopia Mechanics Suggestion

Post by Akari » Sun May 14, 2017 6:02 am

I'm not really sure what Myopia does, mechanically. I've been told in Discord that the glasses are just props and don't make any difference if they're being worn or not. I've never had any issue with my scans with or without them in spite having the Myopia drawback. Some theorize that it's just a flat perception penalty and nothing more, but I haven't seen any evidence of this.

ANYWAY! I thought I'd take a stab at what I thought Myopia should do, just because this is what I had imagined when I picked it:

1) Scanning and Quickscan only return 'something' and 'someone' if glasses are not being worn.
2) Ranged combat is almost impossible to hit with accurately without glasses on.
3) Glasses are more expensive than they are currently. Make them at least 1 Day.
4) Starting room contacts do not counter myopia and are only used for changing eye color for the sake of disguise. They can stay 2 hours..
5) Glasses can be hit if you wear them while fighting with them on and take blows to the eyes or eyebrows. They are fragile and break easily. They may also be simply knocked off based on some fairly average chance with blows to eyes, eyebrows, face, ears, and head. Retrieving them and putting them back on incurs the same penalties as retrieving a weapon that gets disarmed.
6) Legitimate vision correction contacts could be available in the DZ for a higher cost. They are less likely to get affected by being worn in a fight, but can still get knocked out by some chance of hits to the eyes (but not eyebrows or face). Maybe get lost completely when knocked out.

Anyway, that's just my proposal. Having to manage glasses seemed like an interesting drawback, but thus far in my experience, I can't tell what they do.

Thanks for reading!


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Re: Myopia Mechanics Suggestion

Post by Onasaki » Sun May 14, 2017 8:45 pm

I second this, as a character who rolled in with 'bad' perception, and took night blindness. I feel like glasses should be more important, not just for the Myopia flaw, but also anyone who rolls below 'average' perception. While we're on the subject, perhaps add some less dorky looking glasses to DZ. Thin-framed, no-framed, circular lenses, rectangular lenses, half-moon lenses.
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