An Introduction…

LabMUD is a roleplay intensive, permadeath MUD built using the FutureMUD Engine, created to demonstrate the capabilities of the MUD Engine. Both the engine and the MUD itself are in Alpha status and both bugs and instability are to be expected. While every effort will be made to ensure that your playing experience will be both as high quality and as uninterrupted and smooth as possible, we cannot always guarantee that this will be the case. You may feel free to discuss engine-specific topics on the forums at FutureMUD’s website, where you can also report any bugs or issues that you find – however, every day support should be sought through the LabMUD website and in-game.

The setting of LabMUD is vague by design, but does draw inspiration from sources such as the video game Portal, the TV series Big Brother and Dead Set, and the popular reality game show, Survivor. It is a charming mix of science fiction survival horror and slapstick. Your character, for reasons unknown both to yourself and your character, has woken up with no memory of their past, and no familiarity with their current surroundings. It can be inferred that the time period the game takes place in is roughly contemporary with present day, and that the game occurs either on Earth, or on a planet functionally identical to Earth.

Latest News…

Milestone: 365 Days Played

Earlier this week we officially passed the combined 365 days played mark, which is to say you all have officially racked up a year of time connected to the MUD in just the first 4 weeks of being open. You bunch of addicts! Seriously though, we have been absolutely chuffed with the level of interest … Continue reading “Milestone: 365 Days Played”

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